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  • Advantage

    Product advantages
    Every new technology introduced by SETTALL has been evaluated and reviewed by many technologies to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the products or systems formally produced and meet the actual application needs of the market. It is also a supplier of excellent solutions for "delivering carbon in the snow", rather than a "icing on the cake" product equipment supplier.


    Service advantages
    Adhering to the consistent customer-oriented service principle, the spare machine after-sales service mechanism and special pre-sale and after-sales technical service principles are adopted for special record projects, special approval projects and national large-scale engineering projects, which can effectively reduce the later investment of system integration partners.

    Technical advantages
    It is the production, learning and research base of optoelectronic technology; it has patent technology, and can independently complete the coupling work from laser chip to semi-finished laser, seeking high standards and strict requirements of product quality; based on the research and development of hardware and the strength of production technology, it realizes the intelligence of embedded software system in hardware, so as to improve the comprehensive performance of products.


    Quality advantages
    Strictly implement the system product quality standard system, and each link related to quality has achieved the principle of supervision and supervision without dead angle, and the principle of no warehousing and no factory delivery for unqualified products; and the internal communication of the enterprise has no internal friction, so as to achieve excellent external response and problem-solving ability.