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  • Core Technology

    Laser Packaging

    The packaging and coupling of various laser chips meet the requirements of laser and laser light source productsHigh power ratio batch output.

    Video Technique

    Video capture and video analysis technologyTo meet the needs of intelligent industryPractical requirements of software and hardware systemInterface with the system.

    Embedded Development

    Laser and infrared photoelectric technology is used to realize the integrated management system of software and hardware to meet the needs of customers in different industries.


    Image recognition is combined with computer, light, electricity and communication technology, and based on Internet technology, it realizes the perfect combination of "Internet of things" and "Internet plus".

    Production Technology

    Strictly implement the production process and production rules formulated by the R & D center, carry out mass production according to the quality system requirements and standards, and strictly control the process quality.


    After the electrical installation of the equipment, it is necessary to test the hardware of the finished product. After the development of the software, the software and hardware assembly test is carried out.