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  • HD three-band night vision system

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    SSK/NW-IRS1500 series high-definition mid-range three-band night vision system is composed of a near-infrared laser imaging system, a far-infrared thermal imaging system, a visible light low-illuminance imaging system and a cloud mirror control system; it can effectively solve the day and night in a 24-hour and all-weather environment For imaging needs, support color images, black-and-white images, laser night vision images and infrared thermal imaging all day long. 9 color backgrounds can be selected and switchable imaging functions; excellent imaging fog ability and low illumination 2 million pixel imaging detail display ability , And supports dual-window imaging and simultaneous display function.

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    Product Detail

    SSK/NW-IRST5000 series high-definition ultra-long range three-band night vision system is a full-function product of ultra-long range multi-mode night vision imaging developed and produced by Settall Technology according to the practical application needs of various industries. It is composed of near infrared laser imaging system, far infrared thermal imaging system, visible light low illumination imaging system and cloud mirror control system. Can effectively solve the 24-hour and all-weather environment of day and night imaging needs, all day support color image, black and white image, laser night vision image and infrared thermal imaging 9 color base selection, switchable imaging function; With excellent imaging fog penetration ability and low illumination of 2 million pixels of imaging detail display ability, and support dual window imaging at the same time display function.

    This series of high-definition ultra-long range three-band night vision system has a maximum detection range of 10,000 meters in the daytime and 5,000 meters at night. The split design of the two sides of the product effectively reduces the support point of the center of gravity of the product, which not only supports the use of vehicles and ships, but also meets the use of engineering erection. Its installation is simple, easy to maintain, is the construction unit and design unit in the night vision monitoring link selection of the best product.


    It can be widely used in dark and weak light places requiring high-definition monitoring in a large range, such as rivers, forests, highways, railways, airports, ports, sentry posts, squares, parks, scenic spots, streets, stations, large stadiums, peripheral areas of residential areas and so on.


    Laser parameters  
    Laser optical power 30w
    control interface RJ45
    Optical output Numerical aperture 0.22
    Harmonization mini laser array lens
    Exposure angle 0.2°~ 45°
    Laser wavelength Optional 808nm/940nm/980nm
    Distance of action Over 5000 metres
    Thermal image parameters  
    Type of detector Uncooled vanadium oxide or polysilicon
    Working band 714μm
    Detector specifications 384×288/640×48017μm/12μm
    Image frame frequency 25Hz(384)/50Hz(640)
    Lens parameters 20~120mm F=4.0 / 30~150mmF=3.0 / Optional
    Focusing mode Electric / Auto Focus
    Electron Variance 2~8 x continuous zoom
    Hot spot tracking Optional
    Border detection Optional
    Fake Color Mode Nine types or more
    Visible light camera  
    Image detector 1/1.8″ Ultra low illumination CMOS
    Minimum illumination (Lux) Color: 0.0005Lux;Monochrome: 0.0001Lux @(F1.2)
    Aperture Range F3.5~720
    Long focal length 20~1000mm/Optional
    Auto Focus Automatic/instruction trigger/change trigger
    Back focus mode Automatic/manual
    Broad spectrum System adopts broad-spectrum coating, the spectral range is from 400-1200m
    Shutter 1 second ~ 1/100000 second
    Slow shutter Support
    Aperture control DC automatic
    Day and night conversion mode ICR infrared filter type
    Video compression standard H.265 / H.264
    Video compression rate 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps
    Main stream resolution and frame rate 50Hz: 25fps / 60Hz: 30fps (1920 x 10801280 x 720)
    Resolution and frame rate of the third stream 50Hz: 25fps / 60Hz: 30fps (1920 x 10801280 x 960)
    Image enhancement Backlight compensation, strong light suppression, fog penetration, electronic image stabilization, 3D noise reduction
    Storage function Support local storage and resumable transmission (128G)
    Communication Interface RJ45 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet port, RS-485
    Interface Protocol ONVIF(PROFILE SPROFILE G)ISAPIGB28181
    supporting agreement Support mainstream protocols
    Event detection Anomaly detection, identification and detection
    Wide dynamic Ultra-wide dynamic range up to 120dB
    External protection Support lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-static
    Automatic turntable  
    Horizontal rotation angle 360° continuous rotation (adjustable)
    Vertical rotation angle Pitch -45°+45° (optional -60°+60°)
    Horizontal rotation speed 0.01°/S 30°/S
    Vertical rotation speed 0.01°/S 15°/S
    Lens control Support lens preset
    Preset position 256
    letter of agreement Pelco D / P / industry agreement / optional
    Automatic cruise 1 or more customized
    Watch position Support
    Maximum load 50KG ~ 80KG
    Window glass Optical waterproof and antireflection coating
    Connector Comply national standard GB5226-85
    Sun visor All aluminum alloy material, used with outdoor protective cover
    Shield accessories All aluminum alloy aviation plug
    Material Aluminum alloy material, surface spraying / anti-salt spray (optional)
    Electrical properties
    Input voltage AC / DC24V±10% adaptive or AC220V±20% (optional)
    Power ≤150W
    Power consumption Average power consumption 100W
    Environmental performance  
    Dustproof and waterproof grade IP66
    Operating temperature -50℃+70℃
    storage temperature -60℃+75℃
    Temperature Control System Automatic temperature control / 8℃±5℃ open, 20℃±5℃ close / optional
    Physical characteristics  
    Product Size 878×501×426mm
    product weight 50KG

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