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  • 2022 China Handheld Night Vision&Thermal Image Night Vision

    The public security organs as the mainstay of maintaining state security and social stability, to achieve the leap development of social governance ability must further enhance the independent innovation ability and technical research and development ability, it is always adhere to the science and technology strong police strategy, promote the building of public security big data and the wisdom of the public security, it is inevitable for the study and implement jinping general secretary’s important speech spirit, It is also the only way to comprehensively promote the reform of public security work quality, efficiency and power, and continuously improve the intelligence level of public security work.

    Settall Technology combined with the actual needs of the public security and security industry, based on its own scientific and technological advantages, research and development and production of a series of police security special portable equipment, and strive to achieve the police security industry “science and technology strong police” strategy; Sosk adheres to technology-oriented, uses big data technology and information technology to accurately break through key technical problems, realizes deep integration of technical advantages and public security business, and is committed to continuously improving the informatization, intelligence and modernization level of public security work. Through the establishment of “smart public security”, the service efficiency will be improved and the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security will be enhanced.

    SETTALL New product inculding Rifle Scope ,Thermal image night vision, Binocular night vision,Laser ranging night vision…High quality products exert excellent results in various fields.

    Post time: Mar-21-2022