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  • Can infrared thermal imagers pass through walls?

    The principle of infrared thermal imager
    Everyone knows that sunlight can be decomposed into seven kinds of colored light through the Mitsubishi mirror. In 1800, when British physicist F.W. Huxell studied various colored light from the point of view of heat, he discovered infrared light.
    Wire. He found that in addition to visible light, the radiation emitted by the sun also has a kind of “hot ray invisible to the human eye”, which is located outside the red light and is called infrared light. infrared and
    Like light, they belong to the category of electromagnetic waves, the difference is that their wavelengths are different. The wavelength range of electromagnetic waves that can be distinguished by the naked eye of the human body is between 380 and 780, while the wavelength of infrared rays is
    Between 0.75 and 1000 μm, the human eye cannot see infrared rays. Infrared rays can be divided into three parts, namely near infrared rays, with wavelengths between (0.75-1)~(2.5-3)m: mid-infrared rays, wavelengths
    It is between (2.5-3)~(25-40wm: far infrared rays, the wavelength is between (25-40)~1500μm.


    The infrared thermal imager is based on the basic principle that all objects above absolute zero (-273.15°C) radiate infrared rays, using the target and the background to radiate infrared rays.
    Differences to find and identify the instrument of the target.
    About infrared penetrating objects
    Infrared has a characteristic. Compared with visible light, it can penetrate large seasons, and it can be seen clearly in the dark”, so the effect of infrared night vision devices is better. For objects, visible light and red
    External light belongs to long-wave electromagnetic waves and cannot penetrate, so it cannot achieve the situation of seeing people through walls in movies. On the contrary, in reality, thermal imaging cameras are mostly used for wall detection. infrared energy
    The penetrating objects are known to be metal, quartz glass, etc. The lens of the thermal imager is generally made of Chu film. So ah, there are many unrealistic situations in the movie, don’t be blind to show

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