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  • High-tech rifle thermal imaging scope,thermal imaging camera difference between with blocking and non-blocking

    Why are infrared thermal imagers divided into blocking and non-blocking?
    The most critical component of an infrared thermal imager is the detector, which can also be called an infrared sensor. In fact, the blocking is a very important configuration. The function of the blocking is not only to reset the temperature, but also has a direct impact on the performance of the detector. Next, I will explain it to you:

    1. The function of the blocking
    A baffle is built in between the lens and the detector. Opening and closing by pressing the interval time automatic or manual button. The blocking plate exists to accommodate the temperature measurement defects of the detector. The early thermal imagers were limited by the level of craftsmanship and software technology, and could not be adaptively adjusted according to the external temperature and moderation. Therefore, the thermal imager needed to be obstructed by a shutter to reset the detector parameters for a period of time to achieve temperature measurement images. purpose of calibration.

    2. When manually opening and closing the shutter or opening and closing the shutter at time intervals, the interval is about 2-5 seconds. Because no data is collected during this time, the image will be paused and the frame will be missing. This is a transient fragment. The non-blocking thermal imager can adapt to changes in the environment, using high-intelligence algorithms, the picture is smooth, and the best observation effect can be achieved. Infrared thermal imager detectors without baffles have better performance than those with blocking, and have a good effect on data collection, evidence capture, video preservation, and platform live broadcast.

    TS-50X (5)

    3. How to choose a thermal imager with or non-blocking

    Since the development cost of the non-blocking thermal imager is higher, the price is more expensive, and the non-blocking chip is usually used in high-end infrared thermal imagers or sights. So how to choose? If you have enough funds, of course, buy a non-blocking infrared thermal imager. If you use it for hunting, you must use a non-blocking scope. If there is a lack of frames, the prey will run away.

    4. Practical application
    The production process of thermal imagers without shutters is more complicated and the production capacity is relatively low, so the price is significantly higher than that of thermal imagers with shutters. SETTALL thermal imaging camera,rifle thermal imaging scope, infrared sight, after decades of research and development, temperature measurement accuracy is guaranteed, cost-effective, is currently the best selling brand in China.



    Post time: Apr-11-2022