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  • How to achieve accurate long-range shooting?

    For any weapon system, obtaining information about the target in the battlefield environment, such as direction and distance, is an indispensable prerequisite for accurate attack. Therefore, by using optical sights or rangefinders to assist the use of weapons, the shooter’s observation and aiming capabilities can be enhanced in various combat environments.

    thermal imaging sight

    As we all know, after the firearm is installed with the scope, the shooting accuracy will be greatly improved, which will help the soldier to understand the distant target and the environment, so it is called the soldier’s “eye”. The original firearm only had a very simple aiming groove. With the advancement of technology, the optics and precision performance of the scope have been further improved and functions have been increased, so the long-range performance of modern firearms has also been continuously enhanced.

    MINI06X is a high-performance thermal imaging sight independently built by SETTALL. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity target detection capability, high imaging quality, high precision, fast target detection, and light weight. For professional sniper use, the electronic zoom reticle automatic tracking, zero position setting and one-key zero reset are specially designed for very professional sighting functions. It also has supporting functions such as target photography, video recording, wireless WiFi transmission, etc., which fully meets the requirements of preemptive strike targets in modern warfare.


    1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry and improve the flexibility of equipment use.

    2. High resolution, fast response, high sensitivity, faster and more accurate target detection.

    3. Cost-effective, the performance fully meets or even exceeds the needs of professional fields of view.

    TS-50X (6)

    TS-X series monocular multi-function thermal imaging system consists of far-infrared thermal imaging system and high-resolution OLED imaging system. The product has high integration, small size, light weight and low power consumption. and cost-effective products for night vision surveillance.
    This series of equipment can effectively solve the needs of 24-hour all-weather mobile day and night imaging, and supports thermal imaging with 9 color backgrounds and switchable display functions throughout the day; and has excellent imaging fog penetration capability, with a maximum detection distance of 3000 meters in day and night; It has been successfully used in forest firefighting, search and
    rescue, military frontier defense, maritime water conservancy, waterways, nature reserves, public security and armed police, airports, cultural relics protection, energy mines, etc.


    1. Small size, easy to carry, can be used by individual soldiers; compact structure, built-in WIFI, azimuth, roll angle, azimuth, and other sets of sensors.

    2. The boot time is less than 5s, the ultra-long standby time is up to 7 hours, the performance is stable and reliable, and it can work without distinction between day and night. Harsh monitoring

    3. One-click photography and video recording, easy to capture monitoring details; 64G (Up to 256G) storage space is convenient for information storage and
    transmission, viewing and forensics.

    4. The product adopts non-baffle design, unique image processing algorithm, obvious denoising effect, unique digital enhancement algorithm, picture-in-picture enlargement and automatic image stretching algorithm, and the use effect exceeds that of ordinary thermal imaging products on the market.

    5. The 1024×768 ultra-high-resolution OLED eyepiece system makes the system imaging clearer; 50Hz real-time imaging, fast movement without smear. Professional telephoto germanium lens imaging with 1-8 times continuous zoom, longer detection distance and wider range. White heat/black heat/brown/iron red/rainbow are available in a variety of colors, with adjustable brightness and gain (more convenient to find targets in extremely harsh environments).

    6. The infrared lens adopts aspheric technology, which reduces the weight and optical length of the lens while improving the optical performance, and adopts a unique center calibration method to ensure that the optical image of different targets is clear at different distances and temperatures.

    7. The optical material adopts unconventional material with strong reliability and stability; the lens is coated with infrared anti-reflection film and waterproof film, which is easy to wipe and protect. The appearance of hard aluminum material is used as the main material of the structural design, which has good manufacturability and reliability, and the appearance effect after processing is good.

    Post time: Apr-18-2022