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  • How to improve night vision? (two)


    Adopt high-performance image codec processing chip

    The function of the video encoder in the monitoring system is to compress and encode the audio and video signals collected by the front-end image, pickup and other equipment, and transmit it to the back-end monitoring center through the network. It mainly provides video compression or decompression functions, but different brands and models are processed. The encoding and decoding capabilities of the device are different, and the low bit rate, high image quality, and high compression ratio are the most concerned by the market.​​
    1. Low code stream: Reliable and effective encoding algorithm, which is a favorable guarantee for the chip’s low power consumption, high video compression ratio, low bandwidth and low storage, and no smearing of fast-moving objects.
    2. Image processing: 4A automatic control can obtain vivid and clear images in any scene, automatic white balance AWB, automatic gain AGC, automatic exposure AE and automatic aperture correction AI, 4A automatic control technology is a measure of network camera manufacturers. An important indicator of technical level. 3D-MCTF digital noise reduction, frame accumulation, and AGC technology also improve the night vision image effect while making the picture clear and clean.
    3. Software compensation algorithm: With the improvement of image sensor technology and the application of image noise reduction algorithm, the low-light effect of high-definition network cameras is getting better and better. Due to the low illumination of the high-definition network camera, the image noise will increase a lot compared to when the light is better, and various digital image noise reduction algorithms are also applied to the high-definition network camera one after another. For example, three-dimensional filtering is used when processing static images, and two-dimensional filtering is used when processing dynamic images. The best way is to use a combination of two noise reduction algorithms, which can preserve important details, make the image smoother, minimize the smear formed by moving objects, and greatly improve the flickering of the video. In the noise reduction process, the effect of low-light cameras can be improved by subdivision of picture sampling, improvement of processing algorithm, automatic gain refinement, etc. After processing, the images are merged, and the resulting picture effect is clearer and more delicate.
    4. Intelligent algorithm: It integrates algorithms such as ROI interest area, virtual focus detection, audio anomaly detection, face detection, motion detection, intrusion detection, etc., which can effectively improve the recognition of dynamic objects such as people and cars at night. Zoom in for more detail.


    Adopt intelligent laser infrared fill light technology

    The low-illumination sensor camera is equipped with laser infrared intelligent fill light. It can be said that under 0Lux illumination, the camera can still capture clear and visible images in an environment that is invisible to the human eye, realizing day and night uninterrupted monitoring in the true sense. It is a safe city, intelligent The best choice for buildings, airports, ports and other fields. The efficiency of ordinary infrared is much worse than that of laser. To achieve the ultimate night vision effect, you must choose a better supplementary light source – laser infrared.
    1. The laser infrared light has a long distance: the irradiation distance of the product is 30~500 meters, and the longest can reach 3000 meters;
    2. Laser infrared light has low power consumption and high efficiency: 2W laser infrared light has a night vision of 100 meters, and ordinary infrared light of 30W has a night vision of 15 meters;
    3. The laser infrared light has strong brightness: at the same distance, the laser brightness is more than 3 times that of the LED infrared light, and the ability to penetrate fog is strong.​​
    4. Long service life: The high-efficiency electro-optical conversion rate is 65%, so that the laser power consumption is very small, and the heat is small and the attenuation is very small.​​
    5. Intelligent group control: software algorithm control, analysis and acquisition of the lens at different multiples, the laser light is automatically and intelligently turned on in groups at the far, middle, and near, so as to prolong the service life and effectively use it to ensure that the night vision image is not exposed, no halo, and balanced brightness.

    Power supply and network transmission are matters that need special attention during construction and installation to ensure that the power supply, such as extending the power cord or centralized power supply, after the infrared is turned on at night, the load increases and the voltage is seriously attenuated. Although the infrared is turned on, the machine works normally. , but the infrared power is not enough, which seriously affects the night vision effect.

    For example, network cameras have very strict requirements for power supply. Through our engineers’ calculations, we must give each network camera a DC voltage of 10.5~12.26V and a current of 2A. If this data is not reached, in the project, we often When the power of the infrared lamp is not enough for night parallax, the IR-CUT is not switched and the night parallax is encountered. However, after adjusting the voltage and current to the above standards, the effect is significantly improved.

    In a word, the night vision effect is one of the technical standards of today’s high-definition cameras, and the night vision effect is also an important criterion for the market to recognize the product. More than 90% of public security cases occur at night, which is an international statistical figure. So nighttime monitoring is more important than daytime monitoring. First-tier cities have enough lighting at night, and the imaging clarity is better. However, most cities and towns in China are completely dark after nightfall, so the night vision effect is that the camera has a very broad application prospect. In addition, it is also necessary to use infrared night vision cameras in monitoring sites without conditions and additional light sources, such as outdoor scenes or scenes with large open spaces. In this case, the image displayed by the low-light camera is still very poor, and an infrared night vision camera must also be used at this time to obtain a clearer image.

    For the night vision effect of the camera, it is the goal of major manufacturers to improve the minimum illumination and infrared effect of the camera to improve the image quality. The monitoring environment has been changing, and the night vision performance of the camera is required to be low-cost and cost-effective. To meet the market, the performance improvement of camera night vision will not stop there, but will continue to improve to meet people’s applications and needs for clear monitoring in complex environments.

    Post time: Jun-30-2022