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  • How to maintain the night vision device?

    Generally , the uses of night vision goggles include: military, law enforcement, hunting, field observation, surveillance, security, navigation, hidden target observation, entertainment, etc.
    The number one damage factor to infrared night vision devices is use in bright light. Although the infrared night vision device will automatically cut off the circuit when overloaded to protect the device, exposure to strong light will shorten the life of the infrared night vision device. Exposure to rain, fog and even high humidity can damage infrared night vision devices. For use at night, the infrared night vision device is designed to withstand short periods of bright light or humidity. There are very delicate vacuum tubes in the infrared night vision device, so it is important to pay attention to anti-collision and careful handling. The method of cleaning the infrared night vision lens is the same as the method of cleaning the camera lens. The lens has an optical coating, which can easily be scratched if it comes in contact with rough materials, or dust seeps into the glass. There is usually no need to remove the lens to clean the interior. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to store the infrared night vision device in a cool and dry place after removing the battery.
    To avoid bright light:
    In general, night vision devices should avoid strong light, because once the strong light is encountered, it means that the enhancement tube of the night vision device may be burned out. Why is this? This still needs to be explained from the principle of night vision device. The principle of night vision device is to amplify the electrons through the microchannel plate, so it needs weak light. Strong light can convert and amplify more photons. At the moment of conversion, the current is too large (it should be current), which burns out the image intensifier and makes the night vision device unusable.
    Bad points:
    The so-called black spot (dead spot) of night vision goggles is a common problem with night vision goggles. This is a natural phenomenon in the manufacturing process of the enhancement tube, not a quality problem. Of course, if it affects normal use, it must be Not anymore. Generally, the enhancement tubes of the machines with black spots belong to the 1st generation or the 1st generation +. The second generation and above machines rarely have black spots, and the relatively large black spots are at the edge of the field of view. Does not affect normal use.
    Some people buy night vision goggles, and they are likely to ask such questions during use, why is the clarity of night vision goggles so poor, far inferior to the clarity of telescopes, this is because there are more lenses on night vision goggles. An optical layer is used to convert weak light into electrons, and then form an electric current for imaging, so its clarity cannot be compared with that of a telescope.
    The reason why some night vision devices are not afraid of strong light:
    The principle of the night vision device is to amplify the electrons through the microchannel plate, so it needs weak light. If it is strong light, the current generated will be too large, but if the night vision device will automatically turn off the power when it encounters strong light, then there is no need to worry about burning the enhancement tube, so this type of machine seems to be installed in the fuselage The fuse, once it encounters strong light, it will automatically cut off the power to protect the safety of the enhancement tube.
    Night vision can penetrate objects: (wrong point)
    It can be said that those who have this kind of thinking are either too deeply influenced by the movie, or they think too much. At this stage, there is no night vision device that can penetrate objects, and even expensive thermal imagers cannot penetrate any objects. Even a layer of cloth is impenetrable. Moreover, this type of see-through machine is a contraband and cannot be sold publicly, so everyone who has this kind of idea should quickly dispel this idea and avoid some businesses using this to commit fraud.

    Post time: Nov-10-2022