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  • The 10th China International Police Equipment Expo

    Focus on the forefront of public security science and technology to lead a new era of intelligent policing
    The highlights of the 10th China International Police Equipment Expo were directly attacked
    The 10th China International Police Equipment Expo in 2020 was grandly opened and successfully concluded at the National Convention Center. In a short period of four days, the police equipment industry gathered, tens of thousands of people gathered to talk about new technology and new products, staged a wonderful feast of the industry!

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    The China International Police Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Police Expo”) is an international police equipment display platform hosted by the Ministry of Public Security. Under the guidance and support of the Party Committee of the Ministry and the relevant business bureaus of the Ministry, the “Police Expo” has successfully held ten sessions since its inception in 2002, and has developed into the largest and most authoritative exhibition of Police in China.

    This Expo Beijing Sosk Science and Technology was invited to carry many scientific and technological achievements to promote products, exchange technology, trade negotiations, make friends for the purpose, attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises as well as old and new friends to come to the exhibition and exchange. At the same time for the vast number of participants presented an intelligent “perceived operation” management concept, for the military and police industry single police, single-man equipment and other advanced solutions successfully blooming industry advanced technology.

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