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  • SETTALL SSK-NW-K59 Distance Sensor laser range module

    Short Description:

    The ranging module can be quickly and accurately implemented to provide distance measurement for the main control system: this module uses a 905nm semiconductor laser, the ranging resolution is 01m, and the ranging accuracy is 1m; it has a TTL interface (can communicate directly with the MCU), or RS232 serial communication through the adapter (data transfer cable is required); at the same time, it provides the upper computer test software and the instruction set communication protocol to facilitate the secondary development of customers and build their own distance measuring system; it is a high integration and power consumption Low, light weight ranging sensor.

    Product Detail

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    Measurement Considerations

    1.1 Factors that influence ranging capability
    1)Target reflectivity:Generally speaking,the higher the reflectivity of the object,the better the ranging ability,.for example,for moderate reflectivity object,the measuring range is 600M,and it can up to 800M for high reflectivity object,but may be only 300M for low reflectivity one.The ranging ability of other objects can be got the same conclusion.(lt may be fail to measure the target that can hardly create diffuse reflection,such as water surface.)
    2)Target shape:When a target is too small or uneven,ranging capability and range corresponding speed will decrease
    3)Measuring angle:The ranging ability would be better if the measured object is vertical with laser emission’s direction,the higher the speed of ranging response,On the contrary, the ranging ability and response speed will be reduced; It’s possible that the measuring range cannot meet the ranging ability specified in the manual under some extreme conditions
    4)Environment factor: the environment factors including sunshine intensity,the concentration of water
    vapor in the air and suspended particles,deviation from the Angle of sunlight,etc(such as rain, fog snow,fog,haze,etc.)

    Product advantages

    The laser range module is high integration, low power consumption and light weight. It could provide distance measurements quickly and accurately for the main control system; The range accuracy is ±1m. it has the TTL interface(could communicate with MCU directly) or by RS232 serial port through adapter . It facilitate customer’s redevelopment work and build their own ranging system.




    Range Measuring Accuracy

    >5m≤100m ±0.5m

    >100m ≤400m ±1m

    >400m outside ±0.4%

    Resolution Ratio


    Laser Wavelength

    905nm(class 1 safe laser)

    Divergence Angle


    Operating Temperature


    Product Weight


    Product Size


    Power Supply

    CR2(3V) lithium battery TTL serial port (5V)

    Supply voltage


    Baud Rate


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