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  • Ultra-long-distance high-definition laser night vision system

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    The SSK/NW-HD3500MP series of high-definition ultra-long-distance laser night vision system is a new generation of Sosk Technology developed and produced according to the current domestic railways, urban commanding heights, border and coastal defense, military, water conservancy and forest fire prevention and other practical application needs in various industries.

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    Product introduction

    The SSK/NW-HD3500MP series of high-definition ultra-long-distance laser night vision system is a new generation of Sosk Technology developed and produced according to the current domestic railways, urban commanding heights, border and coastal defense, military, water conservancy and forest fire prevention and other practical application needs in various industries. Cost-effective products demanded by industry users. This series of products have enjoyed a high reputation since they were put on the market, which not only meets the practicability of industry applications, but also greatly improves the efficiency of use, saves investment budgets, and the optionality of multi-band lasers meets the design of existing application scenarios in different industries. Requirements and usage requirements.
    This series of high-definition ultra-long-distance laser night vision system consists of an active infrared laser lighting system and an infrared laser imaging cloud mirror system; color images during the day and black and white images at night; if there is no special requirement, the general high-definition image resolution is 1920X1080P or 200 Megapixels; depending on the configuration of the laser lighting system and cloud mirror system and the different monitoring targets in the use link, the maximum detection distance during the day ranges from 1,500 meters to 10,000 meters, and the maximum detection distance at night ranges from 500 meters to 3,500 meters.

    Product feature

    1. The same back focus function during day and night: the day and night critical point color and black and white switching image screen without manual manual adjustment of the focus function can achieve clear imaging.
    2. Illumination automatic adjustment function: According to the intensity of the external light, the luminous brightness of the laser can be automatically adjusted, so that the object under observation at night is clearly visible within the effective visual range, effectively avoiding over or underexposure.
    3. Laser external adjustment: external fine-tuning mechanism, simple debugging.
    4. Grating homogenization function: The laser illumination system has multiple homogenization and collimation processes, the light exposure is uniform, the spot and the CCD/COMS imaging system maintain precise consistency and coaxiality, no polarization or multi-point refraction and reflection phenomenon, imaging The picture is clearer and cleaner.
    5. Double synchronous rectification technology: The equipment power supply adopts double synchronous rectification technology, and the power conversion efficiency is above 97%.
    6. Strong light suppression protection function: In order to avoid the rapid aging and damage of CCD/COMS under strong light, this product has strong light suppression protection function; when encountering strong light, it will instantly cut off the CCD/COMS sensor interface, which effectively protects the CCD/COMS from being damaged. Damaged by strong light.
    7. Fog penetration function: The equipment adopts an anti-fog window, and the system has the function of penetrating fog under moderate climatic conditions.
    8. Synchronous zoom function: When the laser is turned on at night, the laser irradiation angle automatically adapts to the imaging angle of the camera system, and the laser spot can automatically follow the change when the lens field angle changes, and the laser irradiation angle and intensity can be automatically adjusted.
    9. The laser position has a power-off memory function: this function effectively avoids the laser flashlight effect generated when the laser variable-angle collimation system returns to the detection position during the self-test when the power is restarted after a power failure; it is beneficial to improve the night vision effect and night video capture The accuracy rate.
    10. Internal constant temperature control: The equipment has built-in constant temperature heating and cooling devices, which can start the heating device at low temperature and the refrigeration device at high temperature to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment for a long time under severe conditions.
    11. Double glued special windows: internal anti-frosting and fogging, external dust-proof and water-proof window without wiper, suitable for field application needs, effectively avoiding the increase in engineering maintenance and maintenance costs caused by wiper dust and wiper blade aging.
    12. Equipment surface treatment: three-proof outdoor plastic technology, salt spray resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

    Application area

    It can be widely used in border defense, military, public security, safe cities, water conservancy, transportation, railways, forest fire prevention, airports, cultural relics, petroleum, petrochemical, industrial and mining, factories, breeding areas, planting areas and other industries to monitor around the clock.


    Laser parameter
    Laser power 30w
    Control interface RJ45
    Optical output Numerical aperture 0.22
    Homogenize Micro lens array
    Irradiation angle 0.2~45°
    Laser wavelength 808nm/940nm/980nm optional
    Range of action Over 3500 meters
    Visible light imaging system
    Image detector 1/1.8″ ultra-low illumination CMOS
    Minimum illumination Color: 0.0005LuxMonochrome: 0.0001Lux @(F1.2)
    Aperture range F3.5 720
    Long focal length Focal length 20 ~ 1000mm / 25 ~ 1100mm / optional
    Focus mode Automatic / command trigger / zoom trigger
    Back focus mode Auto/manual
    Broad spectrum The system adopts broad-spectrum coating, the spectral range is from 400 to 1200nm
    Shutter 1 second ~ 1/100000 second
    Slow shutter Support
    Auto iris DC drive
    Day and night conversion mode ICR infrared filter type
    Video compression standard H.265 / H.264
    Video compression rate 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps
    Main stream resolution and frame rate 50Hz: 25fps / 60Hz: 30fps (1920 x 10801280 x 720)
    Resolution and frame rate of the third stream 50Hz: 25fps / 60Hz: 30fps (1920 x 10801280 x 960)
    Image enhancement Backlight compensation, strong light suppression, fog penetration, electronic image stabilization, 3D noise reduction
    Storage function Support local storage and resumable transmission (128G)
    Communication Interface RJ45 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet port, RS-485
    Interface Protocol ONVIF(PROFILE SPROFILE G)ISAPIGB28181
    supporting agreement Support mainstream protocols
    Event detection Anomaly detection, identification and detection
    Wide dynamic Ultra-wide dynamic range up to 120dB
    External protection Support lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-static
    Electric PTZ
    Horizontal rotation angle 360° continuous rotation (adjustable)
    Vertical rotation angle Pitch -45°+45° (optional -60°+60°)
    Horizontal rotation speed 0.01°/S 30°/S
    Vertical rotation speed 0.01°/S 15°/S
    Lens control Support lens preset
    Preset position 256
    Letter of agreement Pelco D/P/industry agreement/optional
    Communication Interface RJ45 / optical port / optional
    Automatic cruise 1 or more customized
    Watch position Support
    Maximum load 50KG ~ 80KG
    Window glass Optical waterproof and antireflection coating
    Connector Comply national standard GB5226-85
    Sun visor All aluminum alloy material, used with outdoor protective cover
    Shield accessories All aluminum alloy aviation plug
    Material Aluminum alloy material, surface spraying / anti-salt spray (optional)
    Electrical properties
    Input voltage AC / DC24V±10% adaptive or AC220V±20% (optional)
    Power ≤260W
    Power consumption Average power consumption 150W
    Environmental characteristics
    Dustproof and waterproof grade IP66
    Working temperature -50℃+70℃
    Storage temperature -60℃+75℃
    Temperature Control System Automatic temperature control / 8℃ ± 5℃ open, 20℃ ± 5℃ close / optional
    Physical properties
    Product size 650×370×610mm
    Product weight 40kg

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