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  • SETTALL WL-50-Monocular Multi-function Low Light Night Vision HD Military Hunting Scope With PIP WIFI Impact Test

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    Wl-50 series monocular multi-functional low-light night vision system is composed of ultra-low illumination imaging system and high-resolution OLED imaging system. With high integration degree, small size, light weight and low power consumption, wL-50 series is a cost-effective product for mobile handheld fog penetration and night vision monitoring.
    This series of equipment can effectively solve the 24-hour mobile imaging demand day and night, all day support full color, black and white, low light mode can be selected, can switch display function; And has excellent imaging ability, the farthest observation distance of day and night is 1000 meters; It has been successfully used in forest fire fighting, search and rescue, military frontier defense, maritime water conservancy, waterway, nature reserve, public security armed police, airport, cultural relic protection, energy mines and other security areas such as single soldier, single police, single patrol.

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